Coromandel Pure Honey

Why Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey gives an excellent ability to support immune health.

Where We Source Our Honey

CoroPureHoney logoCoromandel Pure Honey is a small boutique family owned business established in 2015. They are passionate about the environment and welfare of Bees.

In one of the most pristine locations on Earth, the Coromandel Region of New Zealand, bee hives are nestled amongst rich sources of native and exotic plants to fuel the bees honey production. Their bees produce outstanding Manuka and multiflora honey.  Coromandel Pure Honey have chosen and planted an abundance of native and exotic flora for their bees which gives their Manuka Honey a unique taste compared to other Manuka and multiflora blends. 

Through Spring and Summer the bees are hard at work harvesting nectar and pollen from around the native bush environment, flying up to 5kms from their hives each time.  Come late Summer they harvest all of their honey, and it is extracted by specialist honey extraction processor in Waihi.

Coromandel Pure Honey is sold in its most natural state. Keeping the honey raw and unpasteurised, the honey is filtered through only mesh strainers and straight into the jar in a hygienic and certified honey kitchen. Samples are taken and tested not only for the Manuka concentrations but also to ensure there are no toxins that are harmful to humans.

Through the Autumn the hives are feed with a top up of sugar syrup to ensure they have plenty of honey reserves to get through Winter, until Spring comes and the cycle starts all over again.

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